Elli Law Firm offers a complete judicial and extrajudicial assistance, to individuals and companies, in all the areas of criminal law. Since ever we have committed ourselves to obtaining the best knowledge both in classical criminal law which regards liability of individuals, and in corporate criminal law as well as in the area of negligence liability.

avvocato_gian_alberto_elli1We believe that criminal law deserves a total commitment, being impossible to devote ourselves also to civil law, in order to deal with every offence with the necessary preparation and examine every case in depth. Beside the classical expertise related to offences against property, the person, the honour, public faith, public administration, family, public order, commerce and industry, sexual assault crimes, drug crimes, counterfeiting, road traffic offences, we regularly deal with areas connected to business activity, in particular in the areas of corporate crime, financial crime, bankruptcy offences, workplace safety offences, environmental crimes and construction crimes.
We also devote special attention to juvenile criminal law which requires a particular care in managing the relationship with the client and his family in order to obtain, as main purpose, the minor re-education in such a way that the judicial experience proves to be not only punitive but also formative. In order to do so, if requested, legal assistance can be carried out with the support of psychology experts who collaborate with the firm.

olivetti1The Firm activity is covered by insurance policy Generali n. 252376808 (professional liability insurance policy).